Navigating using the subtle arts comes with sourcing the ‘wisdom of everything’ and discerning - with the utmost precision - what is relevant, now.  Accessing and then applying these multi-dimensional intelligences in different contexts and levels of scale is a core leadership capacity of our times, and one of the exciting leadership frontiers of conscious evolution.

North Star Re-positioned

We saw the Re-Alignment
Framed Boldly in the Skies
We stared with pure Amazement
Burning Truth before our Eyes

North Star WAS re-positioned
No longer where we Knew
Re-aligned within the Matrix
Balanced amidst the NEW

Starlight had profoundly shifted
Nightskies landscape reframed
Brilliance shown in new forms
Regrouped, but not re-named

Striking cords beyond all doubting
Wild patterns all A-New
Newness’ HERE and Sky-shaped
Truth’s birthright ~ through and through

Why had it taken so long
For us to see the Shift
Perhaps it made sense real-time
Within Galactics’ Worldly Gift


From 'Release the Winged Ones' © 2013

By Sarah Whiteley

Fit for a Planet

Who makes the Blue Prints for the new World?
Who are The Draftsmen? The Architects?
The Artists?
The Visionaries?

Look!  There they are!
Stooped over the Drawing Board
Slide rule and pencil in hand

Tricky Business making Blue Prints…
Needed in Scale and Stature
The size of a Planet

Still – someone’s got to do it
Got to start
Drawing the base-lines – scoping possibility

Otherwise, we stay with the same Model
The same Ground Plan
The same Design

But the Design is Shifting
To house the Newness calling
To be lived and loved into Being

So the Draftsmen, the Architects and the Others
Stoop studiously late into the night
Crafting the Ground Plan

Fit for a Planet


'The Order of Creation' © 2012

By Sarah Whiteley